Welcome to Harkers Island...

In 1999, Tom Earnhardt and I took a fishing trip to Harkers. While I'd given up fishing 30 years before, the island and the nearby fishing opportunities rekindled a passion for saltwater angling. This quickly evolved into a mid-life crisis - saltwater fly fishing, a 20' Jones Brothers center console, a Ford Expedition to pull the boat, and a house on Harkers Island.

Our house has a small dock and a wonderful view of the Cape Lookout lighthouse. The kids love the place. There's a large shallow-water flat right behind the house, and they can catch all kinds of critters at different tides. My wife bought a sea kayak that she uses to tour the nearby barrier islands. A bird aviary and wild horse herds are well within her range.

Harkers is not my first island experience - most of my teenage years were spent growing up on a Pacific island called Kwajalein. In July 2002 and again in 2006, we visited my brother who still lives there. The Kwajalein link can be used to access short movie clips and pictures that I took during the 2002 trip.

Since fishing and weather have a lot to do with each other, I created this website and linked it with a Vantage Pro weather station. The weather link will display current and recent weather data for Harkers Island. A camera was later added to view the water conditions in the sound. Enjoy!

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